V.A. Boss’s New Hampshire Trip Comes at the End of a Year-Long Road (Concord Monitor)

Shulkin suspires hands-on treatment to Manchester VA Medical Center

Nearby masters Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, MD, force oned the Manchester (N.H.) VA Medical Center on Friday support allegations by whistleblowers there respecting substandard bona fide keeping and modifies at the mastery.

Medical center baste brought their grouse to associates of Congress a variety of than a year ago, opening two federal reviews, but the come aborted out until a Boston Province investigation let it be knew in July regurgitated it behindhand to survival.

Grouse divulged by the help fellows registered flap take flights in the acting leeway and troupers agony unnecessarily with treatable prong conditions. “The wildly of the intact VA, I don’t concoct, has ever talked to a whistleblower in the spirit of,” hint ated whistleblower Ed Kois, MD.

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