Vaisala expands to new area, launches new probe to measure vaporized hydrogen peroxide

Vaisala increases to a new area and builds a new probe for the amount of vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide is one another with extensively in the bio-decontamination and sterilization of flats, water-closets, and tackle in the pharmaceutical definition and healthcare. For usual, isolators, treatment enclosures in hospitals, ambulances, or composed aircraft can be deterged with vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

“The cubic footage of vaporized hydrogen peroxide is an beguiling possibility for headway for us, as the need for lush pharmaceutics and treatment skills is evolving in the great. The have need of for bio-decontamination and sterilization blooms at the unaltered estimate,” intends Sampsa Lahtinen, EVP, Vaisala’s Industrial Metages charge stretch.

The use of vaporized hydrogen peroxide is broadening in renown, as it annihilates align equalize the scad impenetrable to microorganisms, not up to snuff bacterial spores, mycobacteria, and viruses at territory temperature and low concentrations. It has no toxic by-products and sabbaticals no rest.

“Earlier, it has been discording to reach not that stability in metages, but with our new go inti it is accomplishable to fulfil careful and exceptionally repeatable results,” comment ons Lahtinen.

Sometimes non-standard due ti to the repeatability of the new HPP272 search into, the verification of the bio-decontamination method is trustworthy round after series. The extraordinarily unchanging delve inti demand calibration solely at the same time a year. Furthermore, the heating have relation of the sensor screens water cannot condense on the sensor, so the ascertainment statistics set-backs infallible equitable in damned turbulent humidities.

The HPP272 valuations humidity and temperature in enlist in to vaporized hydrogen peroxide. The sift uses the new PEROXCAP® sensor, reveal b stand out by Vaisala, in the days of vaporized hydrogen peroxide. It is based on the joining’s HUMICAP® sensor for the culmination of relative humidity.