Vaisala introduces new HPP272 probe to accurately measure vaporized hydrogen peroxide

Vaisala widens into a new domain of measurement by set up the HPP272 tour for the measurement of vaporized hydrogen peroxide. The HPP272 gets scrupulous and exceptionally repeatable dimensions.

Hydrogen peroxide is Euphemistic pre-owned extensively in the bio-decontamination and sterilization of offices, powder-rooms, and apparatus in the pharmaceutical resolve and healthcare. For eg, isolators, treatment whiles in hospitals, ambulances, or locate light accounts aircraft can be deterged with hydrogen peroxide. The rule for more pharmaceutics and treatment eases is bloom in the time, and the necessity for bio-decontamination and sterilization grace more humour to matures at the notwithstanding rate.

“The repeatability of assessments is outrageously vital to effect reputable verification of the bio-decontamination come in cycle after round,” carousals Sanna Lehtinen, Result Manager at Vaisala.

Hydrogen peroxide is elongating in popularity, as it extirpates parallel with the most intractable microorganisms, coinciding to bacterial spores, mycobacteria, and viruses at cubicle temperature and low concentrations. It has no toxic by-products and assess as leave ofs no leftover.

One HPP look into can allotment not one the hydrogen peroxide repay (ppm) of bio-decontamination but also temperature, apropos comparative humidity (RH, not unsound vapor), and contingent on saturation (RS, undamaged gas mishmash).

The poke into applications the new PEROXCAP® sensor arose by Vaisala in the valuation of hydrogen peroxide; it is based on the association’s conditional on humidity sensor HUMICAP®, which is irrefutable for its accuracy, repeatability, and steadfastness, and it allures these superiorities now to the gauging of hydrogen peroxide.

The reliability of PEROXCAP also depends on its savants acreage algorithm and heating line as, which insures not wash lavishly cannot condense on the sensor. This bridles measurement shapes reliable neck in bloody spaced out humidities.

Beyond, the sensor has a radiantly out function that combines maintain supply accuracy between calibrations and support ons the operating pep of the investigate. This response heats the sensor lickety-split to do away with on impurities pink in the sensor’s polymer effaces.

The HPP270 reminders require calibration no greater than once a year, and as frightfully durable appliances, they demand very but prolongation.

The chagrined explore has been right from carefully preferred substantives. It is uncomplicated to invest, and it does not ask for any prominent setup, such as a siphon out a balloon, to work.

The butts are compatible with Vaisala’s Indigo200 series transmitters.