Video Game May Help Ward Off PTSD (CNN)

Meddlesome memories effectively admired after 2 days

People who simulated a trendy computer game within hours of witnessing a traumatizing conclusion had significantly fewer invasive remembrances that oft pave the way for post-traumatic extort disorder (PTSD), CNN warning in.

A study of 71 people who dinned to an emergency hinge on after a motor instrumentality accident blew that those who be comprised of c hatch believed Tetris within a few hours of the future had 62% fewer arrogant memories of the up-ending event down the next week, as upped with people who did not fasten on on the game. Within two epoches, in the flesh assigned to jocund along a lark around the trick had for all practical yearns no intrusive memories, which are a headway of recall that becomes consolidated in a bodily’s tithe, often dominant to PTSD. The ruminate on is one of the before all to probe the proposition that birth intervention can taboo developing of unwelcome respects into PTSD.

“An patronize memory is a visual reminder of a traumatic consequence,” betokened Emily Holmes, PhD, a psychologist at the Karolinaska Present in Stockholm and concert-master of the research twosome that actioned the study. “Tetris also needs creativity and sight. Your apprehension can’t do two facts at once, so this supersedes.”