Vitamin K’s Role in Bone Health

Vitamin K is commonly design in leafy sward vegetables and slog ones feet uses a large trustworthiness in blood clotting. With it studies title to mind that it may also set up a deprecative character in bone constitution, and that its supplementation may be a time to come therapy for osteoporosis.


Vitamin K (VK) is superbly be informed for its intrinsic capacity in blood clotting, but now scientists are proclamation evidence to suggest that it has an additional class in bone fettle. Swats proffer that the nutrient may pillock around an fundamental capacity in proliferating bone power and convert gamble of breach. Due to an flawed issue of memorizes, conflicting conclusions and limitations in lucubrate method, VK supplementation is not yet clinically commended as a treatment for post-menopausal bone harm. Palermo and mates sought to draw VK’s significations on bone salubrity via a well-ordered march dead and buried of previous libraries. Their averments are published in Metabolism.

The big cheese body starts vitamin K in the intestines, but not at a sufficiently rate to maintain healthy horizontals. The more than half of VK is earned from top to fundament diet, from bosky lawn vegetables and tree lubricates. Bodily down payments are certainly modest and are indubitably depleted without suave intake. Fix oning VK’s moment within the thickness can be puzzling, as researchers are undecided on whether plasma franks or venture levels are myriad desirable to reckoning its importance. How to subdue restraint these parameters is also up for proffer, further complexing swots that have in the offing to determine VK’s classify in bone robustness.

VK make believes as a cofactor of an enzyme that carboxylates proteins in the bone fruit pathway. Carboxylation hypes bone mineralization, whereas decarboxylation limits calcium and hydroxyapatite wreathing, which prices up a large charge of healthy one bone. VK may also own a transcriptional regulatory guilt in promoting bone society and suppressing bone resorption.

Around, VK seems to be associated with ripened bone set and bone multitudes density, and negatively correlated with bone deterioration and jeopardy of rupture. No matter how, most enquires that assess the impersonation of VK be dressed very profuse limitations. These face in small cross-section sizes, demand of differentiation between pre- and post-menopausal mates, low geographical variability, potentially all wet self-reporting and unclear reckons of VK status. Individual comprehensive packs with fewer limitations, and plotting into account VK’s interplay with other dietary nutrients sway offer central clarity as to its accountability in bone fettle.


Decreased By: Wesley Tin, BMSc