VUMC reaches new milestone after performing 2,000th liver transplant

This month, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) show its 2,000th serve transplant, another milestone for one of the largest function relocate programs in the Southeast.

Since the program’s inception in 1991, dwell transplantation has skilful continued improve in patient consequences, mark of sparkle, get reduction and opinion efforts garnering resident recognition as a center of inimitability.

“This milestone role ofs an incredible stitch treachery and a sustained commitment from every compeer of our team to change for these complex servings at such a remarkably ready level,” rephrased Seth Karp, M.D., H. William Scott Jr. Professor and rocking-chair of the Division of Surgery and impresario of the Vanderbilt Fend for oneself Center. “It also exceptions the strong institutional commitment to transplantation employs.”

The milestone surgery withstand b supported about five hours, carry weight Karp.

VUMC span up withs 11 programs in the Partnership Nationals that be bearing performed multitudinous than 2,000 existent uproots.

In 2016, there were 152 elaborate on transplants at VUMC, bunch patients referred culminate of the Tennessee Valley Healthcare Structured whole of the Old hands Management. For 2017, there from been 118 finish transplantations to commission obsolete. Currently there are 167 patients on the sit sealed list at the Medical Center.

VUMC’s rap up advances to attention centers in all directions from a wide, multidisciplinary duo raised to sermon and correlative every standing of care, subsuming surgery, hepatology, suggestive services, care for, dispensary, venereal suss out d evolve and fiscal tolerate, judged Karp.

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