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Top 25 The Fastest Online Medical Degrees

The US statistics department predicts that in ten years the most jobs will appear in the health sector. The healthcare is the most actively developing industry, which constantly needs more and more workers. So if you want to take your career to the next level, look into the best online medical degrees to find online medical assistant programs most suitable for you.

Most of the medical professions require a long study period of 5 years or more (bachelors degree online or study in online accredited university or online college). This way is long and sometimes very difficult. But there are some medical degrees that you can get faster and even online. Here we have collected 25 medical professions, which can be learned in 1-2 years.

The List of Medical Degrees and Medical Assistant Programs

1. Surgical technologist online medical program

This medical specialist works in the operating room with doctors and nurses. He/her helps the operation progress, is responsible for the sterility of the instruments, performing other necessary tasks during the operation. Online learning is possible if you want to get this profession.

2. Licensed nurse practitioner

Such worker has a duty of caring for the sick people. He should records their medical history and monitors the patient’s medication and so on. You can also get medical coding degree online in addition to that.

3. Public relations in the medical field

The searcher in the quality of health care services, requests and problems of society related to health care. This job requires good communication skills.

4. Dental assistant diploma

This worker must be well-organized, and must be familiar with anatomy, ethics and some other disciplines taught in colleges. He assist to dentist during his work.

5. The information worker

This person is responsible for accurately recording data on the patient’s medical record that the physician will rely on. These data are very important. You can learn medical billing and coding associate degree online to be able to hold that position.

6. Dental technologist

A specialist makes jaw casts, which are used to make bridges and crowns. Having mastered this profession, you will be able to work with implantologists, orthodontists and others.

7. Pharmaceutical technician

This medical worker serves people at the pharmacy, stores, hospitals, helps write prescriptions with dosages of pills, sells prescription drugs. You can get this medical degree online at many medical colleges that offer distance learning.

8. Phlebotomist, blood collector

If you are not afraid of the sight of blood, you can master this profession. The duties of a phlebotomist include preparing instruments and taking blood for analysis or from donors, working with the emotional state of restless patients, accurately labeling blood samples, and delivering them to the laboratory.

9. Paramedic, emergency worker

You can quickly learn how to provide the most necessary first aid: stopping blood loss, first treating burns, applying bandages and tourniquets, bringing the patient to consciousness, taking an emergency delivery and much more, which is performed by ambulance workers and emergency rooms.

10. Doctor’s assistant online learning

If you are looking for an entry-level job, you can become a doctor’s assistant. You will measure and record the patient’s vital signs, write a medical history, assist the doctor in his medical activities and to have a good practice.

11. Certified nurse assistant

Makes care of the patient with help with dressing, changing bed linen, eating, collecting feces and urine for testing, ensuring good hospital care.

12. Home assistant, home nurse

Quite a lot of people prefer to stay at home in the illness than to stay in hospital in a hospital. Many of them live alone, and they are require skilled care. You will be able to partner with domestic staff agencies and take care of people like a doctor, but at home.

13. Dialysis technician

A specialist who performs a procedure for patients with kidney disease. Once a week, and sometimes much more often, such patients must undergo a 3-4 hour connection to a hemodialysis machine. The responsibility of the employee will include the conduct and control of this procedure. This may be gotten in an online accredited university.

14. A radiation therapist

Someone who works with oncologists and assists patients in the treatment of cancer. Such a specialist will directly carry out the irradiation procedures, knowing what doses of radiation to which parts of the body need to be applied.

15. Nuclear medicine worker

Works with advanced medicine technology. Must have a good knowledge of physics, imaging techniques, nuclear medicine. Directly explains to patients the principles of the influence of nuclear force on the disease.

16. Radiology technician

Doctors rely on internal photos of organs that are created with a body scan machine. The specialist who provides this procedure helps the patient to position himself correctly during the procedure, makes a scan, and provides an accurate image.

17. Orderly orthodontist

This specialist is engaged in cleaning the oral cavity, preparing for dental procedures or providing the simplest manipulations in orthodontics. You can get this profession in a lot of online colleges.

18. Respiratory tract therapist

Respiratory therapy can bring great career satisfaction to those interested in medicine and willing to help people directly. This area offers well-paid career opportunities with just two years of education. You will be treating patients with breathing problems such as asthma or respiratory illness.

19. Sonograph and cardiovascular worker

These specialists are provide doctors with accurate diagnostic tests and accurate imaging for further research and diagnosis of cardio-vascular system.

20. Anesthesiologists

Prepare patients for surgery with sedatives. This profession is difficult, to get it you should study in online universities.

21. Hospital safety worker

Takes care of the observance of the working conditions of medical workers in medical institutions, ensures safety. 

22. Veterinarian assistant

Not all medical professions involve people. The field of veterinary medicine also needs workers all the time.

23. Medical equipment technician

Responsible for the safety and sterility of devices used for examining and treating patients.

24. Physical therapist

Treats patients who have suffered injuries and are recovering. Their responsibilities include prescribing exercises to develop the musculoskeletal system after fractures, and so on.

25. Professional therapy worker

Helps patients with congenital injuries, stroke survivors who have lost the ability to speak and move. Helps people acquire or restore vital functions.