The Best Healthcare Education Programs with Certification

We analyzed the situation in the field of health care education, online universities and online colleges, and decided to create a list of the best healthcare education online programs by which everyone can have a training certification. So here is our top 10 of the best healthcare education programs with certification in online accredited universities.

1. Certificate of Clinical Exploration Administration in Health Care

This certificate will enable individuals, upon prosperous perfection of the certification administration in health care program, to persecute medical vocation in clinical explore as a guide.

Average time to complete the education: 6-8 months.
Average salary: $22 an hour.
Educational program: Arizona State University.

2. Certification in Surgical Technology

People who always are in a rapidly changing environment will be an ideal candidate to join this healthcare program. You can even get bachelors degree online.  

It lasts: 10-14 months.
The average salary is: $18 p/h.
Most promising school: Health Care Professions School of Medicine.

3. Certification in Health Management

The health manager must do: plan and supervise medical favor in health centers or clinics, as well as monitor individual departments, guarantee a sufficient tend and cure. Individuals with ambitions plus previous experience with clients and leadership skills can be the best applicants for this career path. This is one of the best online degree.

Typically, study lasts: 10-12 months.
The average salary is: $18 p/h.
First ranked school with distance learning: University of Liberty.

4. Certified Medical Record Encoder

Professional must correctly interpret operations, diagnostics, medical services provided to a patient into an alphanumeric code. A person who wants to become a part of this area must have such qualities as mindfulness.

Total time of program: from 8 to 13 months.
The average salary varies: $17 per hour.
Ranked first school with online program: Indiana University.

5. Cardiology Certificate

The person who was chosen for this position should: help doctors in treating problems as well as diagnosing patients with heart and blood vessels. All cardiologists always work in serious hospitals. Smaller medical professionals often don’t need assistance.

Total duration: 8-12 months.
Salary: $17 p/h.
Most Promising School to Provide Distance Learning: Midlands Technical College.

6. Certification of Associate Medical Information and Management Systems

The responsibilities: organizing, regulating reports, gathering data for doctors understanding, supporting certain medical technologies (computers in hospitals). This profession is one of the most useful and best online degrees.

Total educational time: 8-13 months.
Estimated salary: $14 an hour.
Bellevue College is the best rated school who offering distance learning.

7. Medical Specialist Certification

The mid-level specialists must: meet patients, adjust dates for meeting, take phone calls, keep track of \ registration information, as well as process patient payment information. Anyone looking for a work in this industry have to have a good customer service skills.

Total time of education: 8-12 months
wage: $13 p/h.
Distance Learning School: Triggrade County Technical College.

8. ECG Technician Certificate

Responsibilities of an ECG specialist include connecting patients to an electrocardiogram machine, as well as monitoring vital signs of the patient’s heart. ECG increasing recruitment opportunities.

Total educational time: 4-6 months.
Estimated wage: $13 an hour.
Distance Learning School: Texas A&M.

9. Patient Care Certificate

Patient service is measure patients with vital signs, biological samples from patients; you need to do all tasks they aren’t able to do on their own.

Time of program: 8-12 months.
Average salary: $12 p/h.
Most Promising School: Virginia College.

10. Pharmacist Certificate

A pharmaceutical technician career can be a great selection for those who don’t desire work in a high paced and high-stakes environment like a hospital. Doctors’ offices can be considered an excellent example.

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