TOP 10 Free Online Health Courses

TOP-10 Free and Low Cost Online Health Courses

The topic of health and healthcare is more relevant today than ever. Having knowledge in this area is a very useful skill that can be useful in everyday life. In this review, we offer you a list of medical courses, healthcare management degree, healthcare informatics degree and other healthcare courses online that you can take free of charge or with a small fee.

Some other educational programs are available now including healthcare leadership courses, healthcare management courses and healthcare administration degree. It is also very popular today medical billing and coding degree. Most of these you can study online. Thus, if you want to ask how to become a medical coder, for example, the answer is simple – enroll to online courses.


The Johns Hopkins Institute is offering 2 free courses in social health through Coursera. The Social Health Biostatistics Track is a baseline track that explores social health statistics and analytic tools to improve the reading ability of biomedical research statistics and related data.

The Public Health Fundamentals area is also a baseline area that offers a solid foundation when it comes to social health in relation to the mass environment. The main difference between the Johns Hopkins Institute courses on Coursera is the flexible format.

Students have every chance to learn when it fits their schedule and have access to course materials anywhere from a computer, laptop or tablet. The referral is entirely online, and students do not need to attend any classes at the institute in order to complete the referral. Johns Hopkins Institute courses strongly require 10 weeks or less, depending on student preference and own schedule.

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