Who is Most at Risk for Coronavirus and its Complications

African Americans with diabetes are at risk getting complications from COVID-19 more than others. This information of course should be triple checked and is not exhaustive.

If we analyze all the data that can be seen about the sensational COVID-19, only one fact becomes much clearer: that in general, African Americans are in a high risk zone, they can get a negative body reaction after the coronavirus more than others.  They are more likely to be fatal after contracting the virus, a trend much more frequent than other groups in the United States.

Dr. Jennifer Caudle (doctor, family doctor) constantly analyzes this situation and emphasizes that there are a lot of influencing factors, but in spite of this, diabetes plays a certain role among the general list. Black Americans “are 80 percent more likely than whites to get diabetes,” says the doctor, and emphasizes that it can increase the risk of serious complications from COVID-19.

A huge part of the centers that control and deal with the prevention of diseases, refer all diabetics to the “risk zone” of a severe disease course.

“Diabetes is a specific condition of the body in which different reactions of your body are completely to this disease,” doctor says and adds that diabetes can have a direct impact on your main organs, namely: brain, eyes, heart, limbs even kidneys.  If you add complications from COVID-19 there is a high risk of serious consequences for the disease with this virus.

“If we touch on the topic only regarding African Americans, we can see a very difficult situation, which only gets worse, touching on the topic of coronavirus,” she continues.  The most common example is data from Chicago.  According to this data, 30% of the population of Chicago is black, while 50 % of the deaths because of virus are African Americans.  A similar situation is observed in other areas.  “We generate a numerous people who suffer from COVID-19 in a severe form, or even die of the complications they receive after COVID-19,” Jennifer continues.

There are many other causes of racial inequality in COVID-19 infection.

However, as the doctor says, there are a lot of different factors that can share to dangerous COVID-19 infections in African Americans group:

• they are more remote to be unable to work from home during a pandemic.

• they are likely an important worker.

• all of them require using communal transport more often

• they are at risk because they may receive insufficient insurance.

“COVID-19 sheds light on all these inequalities when it comes to health issues,” doctor says.

All diabetics can take preventive measures to feel stable, reduce the risk of difficulties if they get COVID-19.

The doctor advises all people who have diabetes to resort to measures that will help to reduce the risks of difficulties after COVID-19:

Be a controller of your diabetes. “We just want diabetes to be observed.”  This can be dissimilar for every person with this disease. That s why it is necessary to contact your doctor if you do not know what your normal performance should look like and consult him.

See your doctor regularly.  In the event that you are worried about visiting a doctor right now, doctor emphasizes that many of the doctors may offer telemedicine visits to clients.

You need to follow a healthy diet and include sports in your regimen.  “Because, as everyone knows, this is the foundation of control and assistance in the fight against type 2 diabetes,” she says.

In summary, she advises everyone, regardless of race or diabetic status.  She advises to learn all of your individual COVID-19 risk factors.

“This is definitely a reminder to us of what risk factors we might have so that we can stay as safe as possible.”

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