TOP-10 Free and Low Cost Online Health Courses

2. CDC

If you made a decision to study public health, it does not mean you should go to university. The Department of Surveillance and Precautions, or CDC, provides free online health courses on environmental health for people. The 15 courses presented by CDC encourage students to explore topics ranging from environmental factors that can affect human health to food safety at a professional and personal level.

The main difference of the CDC is its bias towards organization. CDC is not a college or university. The main goal of the CDC is to address public safety concerns. Due to the government’s bias, online courses focus on areas that can impact the lives of people in different settings and places. It strives to provide knowledge to everyone with an interest in health, not to students looking for college or university credit. CDC provides courses through an on-demand system that allows new students andprofessionals to work on their schedule and commitments.


Johns Hopkins students who wish to explore all sorts of topics related to public health can focus on the free courses available at the JHSPH Open. All students have access to nearly all courses that range from animal studies and food bioterrorism to the mass fight against cigarettes and kidding.

You have access to nearly all free online courses that will allow you to focus on areas of study that fit your long-term goals, career and interests. The Johns Hopkins Institute courses at the JHSPH Open differ in that they highlight a comprehensive view of social well-being. The set of courses allows students to learn about all sorts of methods for the impact of social health on the district and the mass surrounding environment.

It is still eager to provide students with a solid foundation for assessing the risks to the well-being and security of the population, which have every chance to appear in a progressive environment. Students are encouraged to divide courses at the Johns Hopkins by topic or collection to facilitate research on topics applicable to social health.