TOP-10 Free and Low Cost Online Health Courses


The Doane Institute offers a free online course in social health with a focus on medical informatics technology. This educational center is eager to provide intermediate knowledge that may help students who intend to work in the field of computer science or/and health care. It targets population or large group data rather than personal care because it is used in informatics and health technology.

This program is considered to be a short time gap, which is important for its implementation. Students have every chance to complete the referral in 3 weeks, if they allocate a lot of time. This is a short-term assignment and therefore allows students to finish work when it suits their situation and schedule.

The number of time important for completing the course once a week is 5 to 8-10 hours per week. Students will try to evaluate their schedule to make sure they have time to complete their degree; however, it is a flexible program that allows students to work at their own pace. The Doane Institute’s online social health course allows students to earn a certificate for a small fee.


The Duke Institution provides a free online course in social health with a focus on mass wellness. The direction “Problems of mass health care” is focused on identifying tasks that affect the public on a massive scale. This institute is still eager to qualify the basis of well-being tasks and focuses on conclusions that have every chance to help and prevent future difficulties. The direction is aimed at the mass perspective and the public at large, rather than small groups from within the population for a wider view of social well-being.

The main difference between Duke University is the flexibility of the course. Students have every chance to adjust their own deadlines to fit their own timetable and have the opportunity to work on the course through the online system. Students do not need to attend classes on campus. The all-online program still allows students to work on their own coursework or listen to lectures in any space with an Internet connection. The baseline direction at the Duke Institution strongly requires 10 to 11 hours of lectures and assessments.


The GHLC (Global Health Learning Center) provides free online social health courses to help students achieve their career and learning goals. Social health courses range from cancer prevention to antimicrobial resistance and family planning. Students have a wide variety of courses to choose from without the high cost of learning. The likelihood to explore all sorts of topics ensures that students have access to studies that are likely to contribute to their specific career goals or continuing education.

GHLC excels at offering certification programs as well as personal courses on social health issues. Certificates can help students who wish to pursue careers in social health or neighboring areas by giving them an accurate understanding of the weighty topics that are likely to influence their career intentions. This also gives students access to almost all areas of study related to public wellness and security. The Global Health Learning Center provides USAID Credits for never-ending study in selected online courses.


Harvard Institute offers 2 free online social health courses for students who wish to expand their knowledge or begin to embrace a specific topic. The intermediate direction is dedicated to global well-being, because it is used for quality and security. The direction for young people focuses on the consequences of climate change for the well-being of a person and the population.

All students can take courses for free and focus on achieving their own career goals. Harvard University stands out from other programs with an emphasis on overclocked courses. Students have every chance of completing courses in 7 or 8 months, in fact, which allows them to work at a fast pace.